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At Last (2013 REMIX) Prod. by Woodenchainz

by Kevlaar 7 & Woodenchainz




Smoke floats circling/ circle soaking in hope/
Supposing/ this life/ might/ recompose our jones/
Relaxing/ with my feet up/ on the Japanese/ oak/
Till the sun burn out/ moms told me this quote/
Retrospect/ protects/ what you won’t/
As a child/ I over stood/ grey skies/ shine down/
Polluted mind states/ yet we still shine on/
Like pops when we was young/ never stepped off his throne/
Hone/ virtue/on my/ Imhotep/ mirror the dawn/
Re-sewing/ my babies/ faith that/
They Daddy’ll won’t be faceless/ adjacent to the wasted/
That strayed with/ drug enslavement/
Put our feet to the pavement/ keep sun showers raining/
Explaining/ to our seeds/ intellect/ is what we need/
Feed/ the family framework/ the build is amazing/
Seeing my babies smiling/ the struggle’s almost painless/
Long as the sky is blue/ we’ll live on in the paintings…


A life of the mind/ is food/ is what I was told/
Growing old/ on the 13th floor/ is fools gold/
Breaking news reports/ we all out of sorts/
Look at our corners/ ya’ll/ we pharaoh’s/ of course/
Hiding behind tomorrow/ with a bottle/
Close minded/blinded/ and too careful/
Something/ got to give though/ Let/ us grow/
Some feel this/ second hand/ and don’t actually know/
That realness/ is a feeling/ it ain’t what it seems/
Seeing/ the saints and thieves/ make a change for the seeds/
Ya’ll/ it’s a beautiful thing/ I walk the streets/
With no/ iphone/ at times/ for peace/
Leave/ a message at the beep/ know I’ll get back anyway/
And If I don’t/ live your life/ and splash some henny/
Make me proud/ like my fam did for me/
I’ll see you from the clouds/ and look down on the crowd/
Etta is up here singing/ it’s euphoria is now…

To the ones I love I leave my voice/ so you can play this/
When I can’t come home/ so you don’t feel so alone/
I made a choice…


released May 13, 2013
Written by Kevlaar 7 (K.Cross, BMI) & Produced by WoodenChainz (M.Slauter)



all rights reserved


Kevlaar 7 Detroit, Michigan

Currently Kevlaar is working on an LP entirely produced by Bronze Nazareth to be released in 2015.

Kevlaar’s music mirrors a life that remained under construction and demonstrates a man who spoke his truth because it is all he knows. "My words and my people is all I have..."
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