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A Beautiful Soul

by Kevlaar 7

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HOOK 1: X2 From Backyards/ and boulevards/ avenues and crews/ Grinding under streetlamps/ we distributing news/ After the death/ we breathe one last breath/ Zero ciphers/ to the lifers/ God is back/ I bless… VERSE 1: Can I save me? / I’m aiming/ claiming/ these mean streets/ My peeps /can’t sleep/A wink/ on Elm street scenes/ Invasion/ my daughter getting braided/ in the shade/ I’m ashamed/ the way dope is weighed/ in front of our face/ This a game of charades/ for the suicide brigade/ Paradise is hell/ heal my bloody blade/ These blocks is just a way/ to trap us in the game/ Naïve/ keep your summer’s eve/ the whole scene is staged… HOOK 2: X2 From Backyards/ and boulevards/ avenues and crews/ Striving in these streets camped/ we distributing news/ After the last breath/ stealth we move/ I remove/ Hu/ go’s/ death/ inject/ing/ new moves… VERSE 2: Held a trigger to the pastor/ now who’s your master?/ 50 g bets/ I get rich off this bastard/ Scene is intense/Chris Dorner/ performer/ I shoulda moved where it was warmer/Warned of/ Brash/Decisions/ my earliest cell division/ Couldn’t have prevented/ indecision/ inside/ My line of vision/ I sat in class/ high/ listening/ To collisions/ of physics/ singing/ Bending/ my brainwaves in a prism/ Pyramid/ building/ then I awoke to Dominican bitches/ Sipping/ hennessy/ tripping/ at my blackout/ And the way I was living/ or dying/ Shits a collision/ mami said/ You Americans are so ignorant… HOOK 3: X2 From Backyards/ and boulevards/ avenues and crews/ Grinding under streetlamps/ we distributing news/ After the death/ we breathe one last breath/ Zero ciphers/ to the lifers/ God is back/ I bless… VERSE 3: I’ve watched the suns/ and the planets/ sink in the Atlantic/ Candid/ lands/ is famished/ where every gun/ Is brandished/ Commandment one/ leave everyone/ Red-handed/but we too busy dancing/ forgetting arid/ Hands we been/ Dealt/ threw the spades on the felt/ Gambling debt/ black belt/ aces/Jaded/ I’ve walked Pongua Falls/With Monks/ Comparing/ Life to waterfalls/We musta ignored it all/ Nigger/ gitchya hands on the wall/ I’m possessing a 15 AR/ environmental claws/ War with the good ship jesus/ reached us/ Just like the breaches/ we caught Louisiana fevers/ Bitches lying on my penis/ all my people carry heaters/ For hot winters/ and summers that’s frigid/ You don’t understand the mechanics? / I’m trying to live it/ to the limit/ and not take shit for granted…
Hook : x2 I’m confessing/ to this vodka/ this stress/ will get you popped up/ A walk by/ black pea coat/ the desert E/ spit nonstop/ Cease ya’ll plans/ I plan to live/ I hear fury on mandolins/ Can I live? Verse 1: Back to the 1-2 blessings/ brilliant/ chemist/ in your presence/ Perfect terror/ my/ territory/ is the essence/ Igniting the new era/ Yogi berra/ of the mic blessing/ Best when/ cracking Henny’s/ honey’s beckon/ the Mali/ King/ Mansa Musa/ regime/ I hit the kush in between/ Clean/ cigars/ Charlie sheen/lean/ I hide my scars/ Scarce/ cars/ careen/ on the streets/ overseas/ This fast living/ bring a man’s fate/ Wendy Williams/ No doubt/ an ugly ending/ bending/ corners with my wisdom/ Lay a finger on my fam/and that’s the ending/ perfect planning/ Pan a view from out the prism/ pitiful niggas grinning/ Promoting fake existence/ this game is full of bitches/ Twisted realness/ negative charge/ left of the digits/ Fam/Stay the outta my business/ vintage chemist/ Walt white/ with the words/ got the Blue ice for you birds/ Emerge/ with the realest/ Instant/ vintage/ with my bullets/ Pull a blemish/ outta perfection/ it’s no hell or heaven/ Dead is dead/ get bread/ & watch the sun sink slow in the Atlantic… VERSE 2: This is barbershop convo/ it started in the Congo/ conglomerate model/ Model/ Art of the swindle/ sinking in the pen stroke/ I spin gold/ on a spindle/ selective umbilical/ Umbrellas/ over each left lane I spin through/ Thorough living/ sifting through dough/ Spending/ like the monthly cycle/ cyclically I bled through/ Thematic ignorance/ emphatic on spending it/ needless/ Point blank period/ serious lavishness/ hit the salsa/ All the Puerto rock broads batting they lashes/ I’m asking/ where my gat is/ because the set up be gallivanting/ Gavel pounding/ phantoms/ I won’t fathom/ a scene random/ Ran from the scene/ even/ in the cold I’m handsome/ Melanin random/ my corruption is still standing/ Standard/ in my stances/ B-boy/ a decoy/ for dick handlers/ Hands off/ my lawyer/ dances on ceilings/ When an ace/ is in the dealings… Hook : x2 I’m confessing/ to this vodka/ this stress/ will get you popped up/ A walk by/ black pea coat/ the desert E/ spit nonstop/ Cease ya’ll plans/ I plan to live/ I hear fury on mandolins/ can I live?
HOOK: Calculate the bitterness/ I threw stones and thrown sticks My crown fits/ I’ll never hand it down to you misfits/ Equality is 6/ yet I still lover level treat you/ Knowledge plus 6/ perfect/ never let the devil beat you… X2 VERSE 1: Outbursts was calculated/ jaded at the homefront/ Mind was buscuit related/ found the book of enoch/ Impossible set up/ niggas still getting wet up/ Everytime the 4-9 pass I get tensed up/ I aim to live legal/ but how when I got to aim just to read you/ Illiterate to books/ plus a secure mind to feed you/ Concede to you? I feel you/ but please/ we got chains that reveal you/ Zombie mind states/ increase the crime rates/ Unless its survival/ then it’s a felons reprisal/ Supreme team build til we high as the eiffel/ Raising my rifle/ overlooking the Bible scriptures/ My time for recital’s/ prayer for my dead niggas/ Pictures with faces burned/ absurd/ bond is my word/ Beyond recolection/ is the wooden ship connection/ An unhealed incision/ that’s still within vision/ In stages/ hunger comes/ faceless/ purple haze/ One missed step my page is aimless/ I’ll die ageless/ the movement need a facelift/ In these days when/ death is where the days went/ And life climbs from the basement/ Pray for patience/ add an X to my name/ My coming was predicted by the last holy brigade/ So/ fade to black/ july brought back the slaves/ Inclined to uprise/ returning glory we gave… HOOK: X2 Trapped on a furlough/ last to flip birds though/ Cement speaking / slurs slow/I heard/ no/ wisdom/ you pay for prison living/I see the bars breathing/ preaching religion/Hard sleeping/on slabs/ We hovered over from lynchings/ Snipers in my skull/ watching the future fall/2012 is all we waiting for/ Brimstone draws/ promiscuous whores/ The only purpose should never amount to Get yours/ I’m on a higher level/ akin to Cornel/ West Dr.’s/Best options/ digest more/ Thought for food/ Wise men can play the fool/ No smoke I’m eyeing/ Dog/my vision is cool/ Calculating stages/ cement walls are pages/ Created/ by pearly gates and spider leg cages/ Avoid the leper/ betting to Die ageless/ Levels of bitterness/ build bridges to dimness/ No optimism / inside blocks with no windows/ Endless division/ divide and conquer/we finished/ So I still throw sticks/ metaphoric/ at rhetorical critics/ 4 walls is six six six/ my crown fits/ anywhere/ shit/but I’m bitter as FUCK/ when I come out of that bitch… Fuck rehab/ Mentally sick/ lyrically lynch the warden/ I’m warning/ it’s 6 in the morning/ but I knowledge the whole garden…
Brother 05:27
I write a manifest on death/ staring out my moon roof/ Liberating my breath/Toast to the absence of proof/ Evidence/ so evident/ it’s no precedent/ slept in my own bed/ That very night of the incident/ lies told in increments/ Slang changing/ in the game when/ the benefits to me is banging/ Disapeared/ chilling in a villa/ toasted a drink with Pac & Mumia/ We discussed the current plight of our people/ nigga bring the reaper/ I got the reefer/ and a heater/ currently awaiting this mythylogical creature/ my lonely mic is featured/ the trial I was impeached in/ threw chairs at the judge/ dead presidents/ believed in/ weaken your stature/ after my death/ lives a statue/ in the holiest city/ I scold the worship committee/ told the old bittie/ with the gavel/ and 12 fake friendlies/ enslave me/ if you want / it’s the American grizzly…
Scalata 03:32
Hook: It’s hard to fuck around when you dealing with science/ this life is fucked up/ heaven or hell am I in?/ the iron or the iron/ one blasts/ and one slams/ one choice/ behind it or inside it…
• Good fella/ temple/ revolver/ I fall through/ Coachella/ • Cold chilling/ Hologram/ fold your hands/ • call me your father/I promise/ Art of war/ order/ • It’s the pharaoh in the stars/ the infinite author/ • This a/ toast/ to my foes/ my opposition/ • Still popping/ minstrel shows/ we godly niggas/ • Long ago/ we rose/ while you pickanese/ froze/ • On the meter/ It’s the reaper/ I’ve come to spread ether/ • Fertilize a Fever/ cleaver/ under my tongue/ • Motivate a bank run/ and boost a metric ton/ • Walk inside my universe/ and Sink it on the sun/ • Solitude is none/ we Sip 100 proof rum/ • You gin rummy/ dummies/ all chummy with Romney/ • Reminisce/ on nooses where we once/ hung/ • Hangover/ or stay sober/ drunk since October/ • Swerving all over/ inside a bulletproof Land Rover/ • How I got over?/ I stoke an keep the coals smoldered/ • The red glow is beauty inside eyes of beholding… HOOK:x1 Skeletons play the piano/ displaying sonic Soprano’s/ In the key of life/spit a line of ki’s so precise / roll the dice/ against a burning candle/ wax drip/ inside a hourglass/ gats/ is flammable…


This is the story told by a raw, hardened, remarkable voice, wailing away with pain. Part of the somber appeal of 'A Beautiful Soul' is that Kevlaar 7 sounds like he’s aware his time is short. It’s deeply unsettling, listening to someone who would transition in the midst of recording. Unlike his first solo albums and his work with The Wisemen, on A Beautiful Soul, for the first time, Kevlaar was teaming with only Bronze Nazareth on production, and performing material that he, and no one else, wanted to record. He never sounded so free.


released May 27, 2016

Produced by Bronze Nazareth & Kevlaar 7
Mixed by Bronze Nazareth & Roll Blunt
Mastered by Bronze Nazareth
Artwork by Trappist Monk & Bronze Nazareth


all rights reserved



Kevlaar 7 Detroit, Michigan

Currently Kevlaar is working on an LP entirely produced by Bronze Nazareth to be released in 2015.

Kevlaar’s music mirrors a life that remained under construction and demonstrates a man who spoke his truth because it is all he knows. "My words and my people is all I have..."
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